Acton Town Hall

Project Description:

The project involves the demolition of the existing Acton Baths and part demolition of the existing Acton Town Hall. The demolished building will make way for a new community facility which will include a wet and dry leisure centre, library and council offices. Due to the listed nature of the Town Hall part of the existing facade is being retained and integrated within the new building.

The facility will be served by an energy centre with gas fired CHP as the primary provider of electricity and heating to the site. The energy centre is being designed to allow future connection to the wider South Acton district heating scheme. Other energy efficient measures include photovoltaic panels, the use of natural light and ventilation, low energy light fittings, lighting controls, heat recovery and variable speed drives on pumps and fans.
April 2014 update
The Acton Town Hall regeneration completes with the opening of the new leisure centre, community offices and library.