St Gabriel's College

Project Description:

St Gabriel’s College is currently a small inclusive Church of England secondary school located in the London Borough of Lambeth, catering for pupils aged 11-16. The school has a current roll of approximately 440 pupils. Following completion of the current proposal it is intended to increase the roll to 600 pupils in years 7-11, and add a sixth form with a total of 150 pupils. The school is well embedded in the local community and achieved an Ofsted rating of ‘Good’ in May 2015.

The school is located on two sites in Camberwell.  The main ‘Brooke’ site is located on Langton Road.  The site is surrounded on all sides by 2 and 3 storey residential dwellings and is only visible from Langton Road itself (a cul-de-sac), and the junction of Lothian and Langton Roads, where the Creative Arts Block is prominent. A hard surfaced playground and sports court area lies to the rear of the buildings.  The site lies just north of a Conservation Area (the Minet Estate) but none of the school or surrounding buildings are listed.

The new school has been designed to comply with the EFA’s Facilities Output Specification, with strong emphasis on the use of natural light and natural ventilation. Compliance is achieved with CIBSE TM52 overheating criteria through the extensive use of night cooling and exposed thermal mass. VZDV conducted extensive thermal modelling during the EFA client engagement stages and leading up to the planning submission to ensure the building’s form and façade design met the natural light and overheating criteria. 

Other energy efficient features include low energy lighting with daylight and absence detection switching, variable speed drives on pumps and fans, heat recovery on ventilation plant, BMS control and Automatic Meter Reading with energy monitoring and reporting facilities. 

The project is being delivered to BIM Level 2. A planning application was submitted in April 2016.