Building Information Management (BIM)

VZDV are committed to the continued implementation of BIM, and fully supports collaborative working to maximize efficiency in the design, construction and operation of buildings. 


To comply with the Government BIM Level 2 mandate in force since April 2016, VZDV are committed to enhancing the delivery of BIM Level 2 as well as building the foundations for BIM Level 3 and the Digital Built Britain strategy. This includes:

• Promoting the use of BIM in all aspects of our design processes

• Using BIM to create collaborative working practices among design team members in an efficient & collaborative manner

• Using BIM to improve productivity

• Using BIM to improve accuracy and our commitment to continuous improvement

• Supporting and encourage open standards and ensure maximum benefit for all stakeholders

• Complying with requirements of BN EN ISO 19650


• Understand the client requirements, and where relevant the BIM Protocol

• Collaborate with stakeholders to agree the BIM Execution Plan

• Agree the Master Information Delivery Plan, and standards for Levels of Information and Levels of Detail

• Use a Common Data Environment to share and collaborate information effectively with all project stakeholders

• Use clash detection and participate in clash detection workshops to maintain Quality Assurance objectives

• Use data drops to comply with client requirements

• Continue to provide and maintain up to date computer hardware and software 

• Continue to provide training for engineers and technicians

• Maintain high quality network and broadband speeds to support successful collaboration


VZDV has in place training arrangements to ensure that its staff/workforce have sufficient skills and understanding to implement and deliver projects in accordance with the policy and procedures established to achieve Level 2 as well as building the foundations for BIM Level 3.


• The Directors are responsible for annually reviewing the content, and implementation of this policy. 

• The Project Leaders are responsible for agreeing the project specific BIM Execution Plan, and Master Information Delivery Plan.

• The BIM Technicians are responsible for the creation of models, the implementation of the project specific BIM Execution Plan and document control. 

• All staff are required to act in accordance with this policy.